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FIRST FLIGHT COURIERS was founded in 1986 in INDIA. The vision of globalization made First Flight start its operations in Singapore in 1995. We offer the widest range of products and services, making it one of the leading and fast growing express operators in the country.

In terms of strategic management and planned development, First Flight Singapore shares the same ideas of global excellence as do our other International associates. In terms of infrastructure, it enjoys full self-sufficiency on the field with its own fleet of vehicles, trucks, motorbikes and also, off the field with an elaborate network of IT Solutions, including total e-commerce capability and support.

We are a premium service provider, a reliable partner and a high end Courier Service all in one. What we have is our own network of over 930 branches reaching practically every nook and corner of India and a strong global work force of more than 10,000 professionals and providing Express delivery services and solutions to over 220 countries globally.

Product & Services

Global Express

Global Express is our traditional door-to-door service which delivers during the business day. This service provides excellent transit times to virtually every country in the world.

Priority Express

When you choose this option your shipment will have priority treatment from pick-up to delivery. Your shipment will receive preferential treatment and it will move to the top of the driver’s route.

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Receiver Pays gives you total control of all inbound shipments from around the world, providing reliable hassle-free import service. Goods are customs cleared and delivered, and you’re invoiced in local currency.The rates indicated are fixed shipping costs.. No discounts are available on Inbound Express.

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FlexiPack allows you to pack your shipment of 10 kilograms and above to any part of the world with your own packaging and lets you enjoy the lowest Box rates in town. It does not restrict you to use any specified box. This differs from other Box rates in the market, where you would have to pay a flat rate for 10 kilograms or 25 kilograms even if your shipment weighs lesser once you use the box. The rates indicated are fixed shipping costs with no hidden charges. No discounts are available on Flexipack.

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What all Emotional Bond can do ?

Emotions bond us to one another. Occasions bring us closer to one another. But, with our fast-paced live, is it really practical to reach out to our near-n-dear ones, who are distanced by time and locations? Is it possible to revive that old friendship and ties? Is it possible to remember to convey them your wishes on time and without fail?

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