What is FlexiPack all about and how does it differ from other products in the market?

FlexiPack allows you to pack your shipment of 10 kilograms and above to any part of the world with your own packaging and lets you enjoy the lowest Box rates in town. It does not restrict you to use any specified box. This differs from other Box rates in the market, where you would have to pay a flat rate for 10 kilograms or 25 kilograms even if your shipment weighs lesser once you use the box. The rates indicated are fixed shipping costs with no hidden charges. No discounts are available on Flexipack.

What mode is FlexiPack shipments sent on?

FlexiPack shipments are sent on courier mode, which means we express deliver your shipment door to door. Duties and taxes imposed at destination should be fully paid by the consignee, prior to or at the time of delivery.

What is Volumetric Weight & how is it calculated?

When the Volumetric Weight exceeds the actual weight, the volumetric weight applies to determine the shipment cost. All FlexiPack shipments are billed based on the weight of the shipment (actual or volumetric whichever is greater). When shipping any light weight and bulky shipments, please use the following formula to help you determine the volumetric weight in kilograms. The formula for calculating the volumetric weight is in accordance with the IATA standards and is applied throughout the industry.

Length(L) X Width(W) X Height(H) (cm)


The maximum gross weight per carton should not exceed 30kgs. Please ensure that you have attached 3 copies of invoice for your shipment.

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