Outbound Express

Global Express

Global Express is our traditional door-to-door service which delivers during the business day. This service provides excellent transit times to virtually every country in the world.

Priority Express

When you choose this option your shipment will have priority treatment from pick-up to delivery. Your shipment will receive preferential treatment and it will move to the top of the driver’s route.

Diplomatic Express

Diplomatic Express is designed for those extraordinary shipments that demand flexibility, individual attention, urgency or any combination of these attributes. For example Dangerous Medical goods like human blood, serum, diamonds, and other Precious items that require individual attention can be hand carried for clients who are concerned about the security of the shipments. We could depute our staff to fly to any country in the world to ensure that your package reaches the destinations and meets up with your deadline and time frame.

Service Options

Insurance Insurance is available for international shipments. Ask your customer service representative to make the necessary arrangements, when you make a booking. Or simply tick the appropriate box on the consignment note. Inbound Express Receiver Pays gives you total control of all inbound shipments from around the world, providing reliable hassle-free import service. Goods are customs cleared and delivered, and you’re invoiced in local currency.

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